What problems should I pay attention to when installing PVC panel?

1. After the wall tiles of kitchen and wei are finished, you can tell the manufacturers of gusset plate to measure.
2. Electric water heater \ gas water heater is in place. And the lighting, exhaust, etc. Power line reserved.
3. Before setting up the ceiling, buy the bathhouse exhaust fan (no need for integrated ceiling) \ exhaust hood and take it to the site. The opening position of smoke pipe of lampblack machine and cabinet manufacturer are decided.
4. The ceiling lamp, if it is embedded, should also be bought and brought to the site, which is generally not required.
5. Please confirm the location of the device of the above electrical appliances so that the device workers can open the holes.
6. The upper edge of most of the Windows of the balcony, kitchen and bathroom is lower than the scale of the ceiling. Please prepare additional wood panel (or kitchen cabinet board) so that the ceiling installer can edge these parts.
If the profile of PVC ceiling is damaged, it is very convenient to replace it. As long as you remove the tie bar at one end, take out the plate one by one from the tie bar, replace the damaged plate with a new one, and then re-install it and press the tie bar. When replacement should pay attention to the new board and the old board color needs to be the same, do not have color difference.

Post time: Nov-10-2018