How to remove the PVC panel

1. Overall demolition will be better
When removing the adornment of original condole top, should want to accomplish complete demolish, do not want to retain original condole top to decorate a structure. In particular, the original suspended ceiling weight of the derrick, pendant and other structures must be removed, mainly from future safety considerations, at the same time may affect the later installation.
2. Circuit safety
Circuit safety is a key point in removing the ceiling. When demolish, want to cut off power supply first, the circuit pipeline inside original condole top removes as far as possible. Because these circuits are no longer usable, complete dismantling is ideal.
3.Protect other equipment
When the ceiling is removed, it is very easy to come across other equipment in the house. When the ceiling is removed, the safety of equipment and facilities should be considered. Many centuries-old houses have heating pipes in their ceilings, and some homes have air-conditioning systems that also avoid damaging air ducts and flues.
4. Pay attention to safety
The individual that is engaged in condole top dismantling must wear safety helmet, avoid condole top to fall to smash injury, at the same time when removing, can cut off inside light steel keel, so must avoid hand injury, wear glove to undertake operating. The removed ceiling must be pushed and placed to avoid toppling and injuring people.

Post time: Nov-10-2018